Preparing Your Research Data for the Future – What You Can Do Now to Avoid Problems

Course aims:
Good research data management is increasingly being recognized as a vital component of academic practice. In summer 2012, the University of Oxford approved a Policy on the Management of Research Data and Records, and many major funding bodies now stipulate that researchers must provide a data management plan when applying for funding, and/or must make arrangements for their data to be appropriately curated at the end of the project.
This course provides an overview of key data management issues, highlights the key questions researchers need to consider, and provides information about the various resources and services available to assist them.

Course content:
The course offers an introduction to the following topics:

- What is research data management, and why is it important?

- The University of Oxford's Policy on the Management of Research Data and Records: what researchers need to know

- Funding body requirements: what researchers need to do

- Data management planning

- Managing data during the lifetime of a project
-> Secure storage and backing up
-> Data documentation

- What happens to data at the end of a project?
-> Data preservation and sharing
-> Intellectual property issues and licensing
-> A new University of Oxford service: ORA-Data

- Further resources - where to find out more

Course length - half day

Participant numbers - 20 maximum

Recommended For:

  • First Year DPhil
  • Research Staff
  • Second Year DPhil
  • Third Year DPhil