Ethics - Confidentiality

Course aim
The aim of the session is to
- provide an introduction to the ethical significance of privacy and confidentiality in research
- encourage participants to articulate and reflect on the ways in which obligations to maintain confidentiality and respect privacy arise and the way in which they interact with other obligations associated with research.

Course format
The workshop will include consideration of case studies to prompt discussion among participants.

Course content
Medical research often requires the use of patient information e.g. medical records or genetic databases and research using this information can be of great public benefit. Good quality, ethical research using patient information requires researchers to think carefully about issues relating to confidentiality and privacy if public trust in such research is to be sustained. This session will consider the main challenges to maintaining privacy and confidentiality in research, including those imposed by methodological demands, the use of databases and the handing of genetic information.

Course length
2 hours

Particpant numbers

Recommended For:

  • First Year DPhil
  • Research Staff
  • Second Year DPhil

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