Advanced Light Microscopy

Course aim
Light microscopy has become a key technique that provides important insights into molecular mechanisms throughout all branches of biological research. In the past two decades, there has been a huge explosion in the availability and sophistication of the methods available. Our overall goal is to foster a deep understanding of the full range of advanced methods used in light microscopy to allow researchers to tackle their questions using the most appropriate probes and instruments. Over time, we wish to create across Oxford a thriving and highly interactive cell-imaging community that shares resources and expertise. This course is intended to form part of this process.

Course content
The programme will cover the fundamental basis of all major aspects of light microscopy, ranging from specimen preparation, molecular markers, instrumentation, image analysis and quantification, right up to the most recent and revolutionary developments. The course will not assume very much prior knowledge, so will be suitable for beginners in this field. However, during the course of lectures, we will build progressively on previous knowledge, so it will be difficult to follow the latter part of the course without having attended the previous lectures. In general, it is recommended that you attend the entire course.

Participant numbers
Maximum 60-80

Recommended For:

  • First Year DPhil
  • Second Year DPhil
  • Third Year DPhil
  • Research Staff

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