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OxRSS logoWho are we?

The Oxford Research Staff Society (OxRSS) represents all the research staff within the university.

Why a research staff society?

OxRSS was formed by a group of research staff who wanted to provide more professional and social networking events across divisions and departments in the University. They also wanted to fulfill a need for research staff to have a voice within the University and to be kept informed about University decisions affecting their work.

What do we do?

OxRSS aims to provide Oxford research staff with a voice and networking opportunities.  If you want to meet up with other researchers either socially or professionally, or to have a voice in University decisions that affect research staff, then OxRSS is for you.

Who represents me?

The Medical Science Divisional Reps are your first point of contact. Our key responsibilities are to:

  • Facilitate the distribution of information that may be of interest to research staff
  • Feed forward issues raised by research staff to the OxRSS committee for discussion and/or action
  • Represent research staff issues on University Committees and thereby influence the management and policy making within the University

We are here to represent you so we want to hear more about the issues that matter to you. Would you like to see more social events? Do you want to know about governance structures within the university? Do you want more opportunities for professional development or for teaching and college involvement?

Why not get in touch with one of us and tell us what’s important to you? We would be very happy to talk to you and your departments about what we can do and how we can improve life for our researchers.

What’s happening at the moment?

Why not join us for curry night on the last Thursday of every month at the University Club on Mansfield Road from 6pm until about 9pm?

How do I find out more?

You can find out more about OxRSS by visiting our website:

Or follow us on twitter @ResStaffOxford

How do I join?

Membership is free and automatic for all research staff employed by the University of Oxford but we also recommend signing up to the Research Staff mailing list.  We publish a regular newsletter called Connections and send details of other events via email.

SO DON’T MISS OUT – to keep up to date on all the latest training, networking and social opportunities available to you, sign up to the Research Staff Mailing List.

Committee members

See contact details of Committee Members.