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The Medical Sciences Division runs a peer mentoring scheme for research staff, which involves the formation of mentoring circles comprising 3-4 members of research staff and one more senior member of staff.

Now closed for applications. THE SCHEME WILL RE-OPEN later in 2017.


For enquiries contact

 Mentoring circles aim to support the development of research staff across the Division by:

  • Encouraging self-reflection
  • Increasing networking opportunities through peer circles
  • Providing access to senior staff members outside of the researchers’ home department

Mentors often gain as much as their mentees from the process and find that it provides an opportunity to review their own experience. Mentors must be experienced researchers, but could be at different stages of their careers. For example:

  • PIs
  • Senior/experienced postdocs (especially those wishing to develop their mentoring skills)
  • Academic staff

The Nuffield Departments of Clinical Medicine (NDM), Clinical Neurosciences (NDCN), Obstetrics and Gynaecology (NDOG) and Orthopaedics, Rheumatology and Musculoskeletal Sciences (NDORMS) are piloting a similar scheme for academic related, support and technical staff for 2016/17.

Mentors and mentees are matched into groups based on career stage, preference for gender specific groups, availabilities and career goals.

For more information see the documents "information for mentors" and "information for mentees".

Feedback from former mentees:

 “Meeting people from other departments and hearing both new perspectives on my situation and hearing similar concerns to mine makes me feel less alone.”

“Great to have ‘neutral’ feedback from people in a similar situation.  Often it is surprisingly useful to simply describe a problem and (with advice) arrive at a series of possible actions.”

“It was useful to have time away from work, and in a supportive environment to reflect on personal and career goals.”


Application forms

Now closed for applications. THE SCHEME WILL RE-OPEN later in 2017.

Contact information

If you have any questions about this scheme please contact or Dr Laura Hodsdon (

Postdoctoral researchers in Biochemistry should apply to the Biochemistry Departmental Mentoring Scheme. RDM has also introduced a departmental mentoring scheme for all staff, and information about this is available on the mentoring page of the RDM website.

OxFEST provides mentoring opportunities for students.