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Oxford Metabolic Health (OMH) is an interdepartmental and cross-divisional initiative that brings together researchers across the University with an interest in any aspect of diabetes, endocrinology, nutrition, obesity and metabolism.


Research into the relationship between metabolism (in the broad sense of the term) and health is carried out in many University departments and centres/institutes across the Churchill Hospital, Old Road Campus, South Parks Road and John Radcliffe Hospital sites. It covers a wide range of basic and translational activities including those relevant to many major disease areas such as diabetes, heart and liver disease, and cancer. OMH builds on the strengths of this research by identifying areas of complementarity and providing opportunities for collaboration, and by supporting strategic funding opportunities, training and recruitment. It also aims to enhance the profile of metabolic health research within the University and beyond.

OMH is led by an Executive Group comprising Professors Mark McCarthy (OCDEM - Radcliffe Department of Medicine), John Todd (WCHG - Nuffield Department of Medicine) and Kieran Clarke (DPAG) with strategic guidance provided by a committee with representation from across the relevant departments. The initiative is coordinated by OMH Research Facilitator, Jane Itzhaki, who is based at OCDEM and DPAG.

To keep up-to-date with relevant events and opportunities including the inaugural symposium, join OMH by sending an email to To find out more about OMH or if you have any suggestions or comments, please contact Jane Itzhaki (