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30 June 2021 - Mendelian Randomisation

Slide presentations 

1.Mendelian Randomisation_Stephen Burgess

24 March 2021 - Visualisation of Harm Data

Slide presentations 

1.Visualisation of Adverse Events_Victoria Cornelius & Rachel Phillips

2 April 2020 - Stata Top Tips


27 January 2020 - Data Visualisation

Slide presentations 

1.Data Visualisation_Robert Grant 

20 November 2019 - Statistical Consultancy

Slide presentations 

1.Statistical Advising_Jamie Sergeant

2.Consultancy from an Industry, Academic and Regulatory Perspective_Iftekhar Khan 

14 October 2019 - StataCorp Workshop

Slide presentations 

1.Multiple Imputation_Chuck Huber

2.Putdocx_Chuck Huber

3.Latent Class Analysis_Chuck Huber

4.Causal Inference_Chuck Huber

12 June 2019 - Adaptive Designs

Slide presentations 

1.Introduction to Adaptive Designs_Thomas Burnett & Pavel Mozgunov

2.Implementing Adaptive Design Processes_Thomas Jaki

4 July 2018 - Joint OxStat/ECRN Meeting

Slide presentations 

1.Overview of CTSU_Derrick Bennett

2.How to be a PI as a Statistician_Louise Linsell

3.Funding Opportunities_Goher Ayman

4.MRC Methodology Fellowship_Danielle Edwards

5.Study within a Trial (SWAT)_Elsa Valdes-Marquez


12 February 2018 - Statistical Methodology 

Slide presentations 

1.OxStat Third Meeting_Louise Linsell

2.Teaching Opportunities in OxStat_Jennifer Carter

3.Overview of Primary Health Care CTU & Oxford Vaccine Group_Ly-mee Yu

4.Stopping Boundaries Phase II Trial_Jennifer Bell

5.Big Data and R_Catia Nicodermo

9 November 2017 - Statistical Methodology

Slide presentations 

1.OxStat Second Meeting_Louise Linsell

2.Overview of CSM_Sharon Love

3.Nested Case Control_Chris Partlett

4.Competing Risks_Pradeep Virdee

5.Early Phase Trials_Jane Holmes

6.Building a research career_Jemma Hopewell

11 July 2017 - OxStat Launch Meeting

Slide presentations 

OxStat Launch Meeting_Louise Linsell 


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