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Perspectum has been awarded a grant under the NCIMI COVID Research Fund to support our recently launched COVERSCAN study, a landmark study of multi-organ phenotyping in patients recovering from COVID-19.

COVERSCAN is the first study to assess the impact of COVID-19 on multi-organ health, using Perspectum's imaging technology. The first patients have already been recruited following COVERSCAN's launch in April and initial findings will be published later this year. The study also aims to identify risk factors for the virus, with detailed cross-sectional imaging and genetic testing.

The NCIMI COVID Research Fund was set up to enable the rapid development of projects in medical imaging from NCIMI partners which could support the diagnosis, treatment and subsequent care of patients.

Alliance Medical is working with Perspectum on the COVERSCAN study to provide safe, high-quality imaging facilities for this project. The grant from NCIMI will enable Perspectum and Alliance Medical to build on the initial work performed, enabling development of novel metrics for COVID-19 related internal organ characterisation.

NCIMI CEO Claire Bloomfield said: "We are delighted to be able to support our partners, Perspectum and Alliance Medical, in the delivery of COVERSCAN. One of NCIMI's core aims is to be responsive to the needs of the community, and adaptive to emerging needs.

"Being able to pivot to support the research of our partners in AI and machine learning research in the COVID-19 pandemic was critical to ensure we play our part in responding to the crisis.  

"Perspectum's COVERSCAN study is a strong fit for our research fund, and a brilliant example of how our technology partners are responding quickly to respond to the huge challenges COVID-19 has presented to clinical staff."

Mary Xu, Head of Clinical Affairs at Perspectum commented about the importance of the study "No one knows the long-term effects from COVID19 – only time will tell. This is a unique time for all nations within respective societies and healthcare structures.

"Findings from COVERSCAN will contribute to the global research community to better understand the footprint it leaves behind. Assessing recovery is crucial to enable global planning for healthcare needs."