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Programme co-ordinator Jess shares her love of a good cup of tea and how she keeps all the administrative plates successfully spinning at NCIMI.

Portrait image of Jessica Burnett

What is your job and what does it entail?

My role at NCIMI is the Programme Coordinator. I help to support the team where needed in general day-to-day work, with a focus on finances and communications.

What do you enjoy about working with NCIMI?

I enjoy the team I work in - we are a very supportive bunch and no matter how busy anyone may be, there is always time to pop your head around someone's door (virtually given the current climate) and ask for help. No question is too silly to ask and the communication and support of the team makes for a place that I really enjoy working in. In particular during lockdown, we have all managed to have a catch up each day that enables us to have a bit more of a chat about life in general, just as we would do if we were doing a tea/coffee run in the office.

What are the greatest challenges of your role?

It can sometimes be a struggle balancing coordination between our busy partners and site representatives - advanced notice and planning is crucial to try and improve the pace of activity both in terms of meetings, events and external facing pieces of work but also internally as a team.

What do you think the future of ai in healthcare is?

I think the future of AI in healthcare sees us all benefiting from the adoption of AI technologies across NHS sites and will enable professionals in this space to reallocate that time to have a greater focus on patient support. I think there is a worry from people that AI could decrease human contact, but actually, it is more likely that AI could help to facilitate more time spent with patients.

What do you do in your spare time?

My partner and I have recently purchased our next house that is a full renovation job, so I spend my spare time planning and organising the next steps for this, as well as working in the garden. I have a very active dog so spend a lot of time with him on long walks or playing in the garden. I also enjoy reading and like to always have a book on the go - ideally with a cup of tea in hand.