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Perspectum has announced a webinar series to discuss their findings on the long-term impacts of COVID 19 from their COVERSCAN study.  

Their webinars will cover the findings of COVERSCAN and learn more about the long-term effects of COVID-19 on multiple organs. 
They will be hosted by Perspectum’s Head of Clinical Affairs, Mary Xu, in conversation with Dr. Marc Goldfinger and Clinical Solutions Specialist Madison Wagner. 

In this webinar, you will find out the key findings from COVERSCAN, including the number of patients who had evidence of multiorgan injury, how each organ has been impacted, and the potential for these results to inform modelling of health service responses to COVID-19.  


This is the world’s largest study into the multiorgan impact of COVID-19 and has shown results that could impact how health systems are responding and how this pandemic will affect the long-term health of patients. 

The key topics that will be covered are: 

- COVERSCAN study update and overview 

- COVID-19 organ impact, how multiple organs are affected  

- Q&A 


Book your tickets: 


More about Perspectum  

Perspectum delivers digital technologies that help clinicians to provide better care for patients with liver disease. Their team is united behind their vision to empower patients and clinicians through a greater understanding of liver disease, enabling early detection, diagnosis, and targeted treatment. Patients are at the hear of their design. Their technology is convenient, non-invasive and supports patient engagement in their care by providing clear and understandable results. 

They were founded in partnership with the University of Oxford in 2012 after a ground-breaking study demonstrated the potential of T1 mapping to prejudice liver fibrosis.  


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