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The team at NCIMI would like to express their thanks and support for our colleagues working in the NHS against rising pressures of the Coronavirus outbreak.

An I Heart NHS badge on a Union Flag

We wanted to firstly share our thanks to our NHS partners

"These are life-changing and unprecedented times. At NCIMI, we're immensely proud of the collaborations we have built with NHS staff.

"Our thoughts are with our frontline NHS colleagues as they tackle high demand for healthcare services in the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic. There will be much for us all to learn in the coming months, and at the very core of our work is finding solutions to the most complex health problems.

"To all healthcare professionals, thank you. Keep fighting the fight, we have your backs."

Dr Fergus Gleeson, Chief Medical Officer.

Fergus Gleeson

In terms of NCIMI activity, an update from Claire Bloomfield, NCIMI CEO:

"Our aim is to progress activity where it is possible, limit calls on NHS colleagues who are on the frontlines of the crisis, and to use our infrastructure to help where we can.

"We will be liaising with partners to develop contingency plans around what we can progress whilst NHS work force is busy focusing on the crisis, and what will have to be delayed or redesigned.

"We have had several requests for the NCIMI team to work directly on COVID related projects, and we will hope to seek your support with this in the coming days.

"We aim to limit communications with partners, to not fill up inboxes. If we are in touch it will be linked to Covid related work or to seek updates from you on how current priorities are likely to impact NCIMI work over the coming months.

"If there is work you think we can be helping with please do get in touch, and likewise if you have resources you think might be helpful on tackling the crisis please let us know - we are all in this together.

If anyone does have any questions, please do get in touch with me."

Email Claire 

Claire Bloomfield