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The National Consortium of Intelligent Medical Imaging is a network of NHS hospitals, clinical leaders, industry experts in the fields of AI and medical imaging, world-leading academic researchers plus patient groups and charities.

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It was formed in 2019 following a successful bid for Industrial Strategy Challenge Funding to drive innovation in the UK’s AI sector.

The consortium is led from University of Oxford, the world’s best institution for medical research and the best in Europe for both engineering and computer science. Clinical partners include world-leading experts from several parts of the country to address challenging unmet needs in cancer, heart disease and metabolic health (fatty liver disease, infertility, diabetes, inherited metabolic conditions) across the whole NHS

NCIMI is based at The Big Data Institute, but we share our knowledge through a national, cloud-connected network with a geographical spread across the UK.


 Big Data Institute building, University of Oxford.

The Big Data Institute, University of Oxford.

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Why AI and medical imaging?

Over the past 30 years, advanced imaging such as CT and MRI scans have transformed how medical professionals diagnose diseases and chronic conditions.

NCIMI’s mission is to take this further by integrating computer vision with artificial intelligence. 

The NHS handles 40 million new imaging requests per year. Currently, these aren’t standardised or digitally reported. By bringing this information together, and by engaging with patients to gather anonymised data, it will speed up and improve how we diagnose and prevent diseases whilst lowering costs.

And by being able to diagnose more effectively and efficiently, we can start to improve treatment options for the patient.

Current projects cover a wide range of conditions, including childhood obesity, endometriosis, diabetes, and cardiovascular disease.


A graphic of a map showing geographical spread of NCIMI partners across the UK.

Our industry, charity and NHS partner across the UK.