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Applications are invited from women and men for funding to support the development of their research career following a break to care for a child or close relative. The scheme is open to:

  • All members of academic and research staff employed by the University, including those holding joint appointments, but excluding those who have achieved full professorial title or who hold statutory chairs. The scheme is not open to members of staff with college-only contracts.
  • All those who, at the closing date for applications: are currently on leave for a minimum of six months; have returned from a break of at least six months within the last two years; or have returned from two breaks each of at least six months within the last five years. A break may comprise two or more discontinuous periods of leave totalling at least six months provided that they relate to a single life event, e.g. as part of a shared parental leave arrangement. Only one application may be made per career break.

If you are on a fixed-term contract you should hold a contract of employment for a sufficient period beyond the date of your application to permit the grant to be spent and to have an impact that increases the likelihood of you securing a new contract. When applying you should give evidence of being on a research or academic career trajectory, for example with evidence of establishing research independence.