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 Current Fellows

Hannah Chen.jpg

Hannah CheN

Research Fellow, NDM

'Definition of new drug targets for fibrosis in Crohns'

PI: Alison Simmons

Liliana Cifuentes.jpg

Liliana Cifuentes

Clinical Research Fellow, NDORMS

'Protein kinase C-θ and PD-1 as a therapeutic target in inflammatory arthritis'

PI: Graham Ogg, Peter Taylor, Mike Dustin

Thomas Layton.jpg

Thomas Layton

Clinical Research Fellow, NDORMS 

'Single cell analysis of the fibrotic landscape in Dupuytren's Disease'

PI: Jagdeep Nanchahal

Michael Fitzpatrick.jpg


Clinical Research Fellow, NDM

'Use of unbiased T-cell receptor repertoire sequencing to identify novel T-cell subsets involved in coeliac disease and increase the accuracy of the diagnosis of gluten sensitivity'

PI: Elizabeth Soilleux, Paul Klennerman

Heidi Olzscha.png


Postdoctoral Researcher, Department of Oncology

'Unravelling the role of E2F-1 citrullination in inflammatory disease'

PI: Nick La Thangue


Tariq Khoyratty.jpg


Postdoctoral Research Fellow, NDORMS

'Defining an early signature of neutrophil extracellular trap formative predictive of responses to PAD4/2 inhibitors in rheumatic patients'

PI: Irina Udalova, Raashid Luqman

Image of Sarah Gooding


Research Fellow, RDM

'Determining changes in clonal/sub clonal architecture and relation to immune marrow environment enabling tumour persistence/relapse in myeloma'

PI: Paresh Vyas, Udo Oppermann, Karthik Ramasamy

Nora Bengoa-Vergniory.jpg

Nora Bengoa-Vergniory

Postdoctoral Research Scientist, DPAG

'Inhibition of alpha-synuclein
aggregation and glial activation as a therapeutic strategy for Parkinson’s disease'

PI: Richard Wade-Martins



Research Fellow

'Ultra low-dose IL-2 therapy in autoimmune diabetes'

PI: John Todd, Claudia Monaco


Sarah sasson

Post-doctoral Clinical Research Fellow, Translational Gastroenterology Unit (NDM)

'Checkpoint blockade-mediated autoimmune colitis as a model for gut immune homeostasis'

PI: Paul Klenerman, Oliver Brain

Past Fellows

Lynn Quek.png


Research Fellow and Clinical Haematologist, RDM

'Clonal and Functional heterogeneity in AG221-treated IDH2 mutant Acute Myeloid Leukaemia'

PI: Paresh Vyas