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The bridging salary scheme provides short-term awards to cover the salary costs of research staff at postdoctoral and Early Career Researcher levels, who are currently employed by the University and funded on external research grants, while they seek long-term support, also from external sources. 

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The pump priming funding scheme accepts applications for small awards (up to £10k) to enable investigators to obtain pilot data to support larger scale applications for external research funding in the future. Non-staff research costs, including equipment, are eligible. Priority will be given to those applications that demonstrate matching funding from other sources.

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The pre-fellowship scheme accepts applications for short-term (up to 3 months) funding to cover the salary costs of clinicians who will shortly begin an externally funded research training fellowship or DPhil at Oxford.

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The Medical Sciences Internal Fund can be used for bridging salary support to cover the costs associated with research staff who take maternity/shared parental/adoption leave whilst employed on an externally funded research grant. Where the member of staff taking leave is the PI, support may be used to employ a lab manager or technician or to provide 'acting up' funds to a senior member of the group.

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Funding for the Medical Sciences Internal Fund comes from the Nuffield Benefaction, the Goodger and Schorstein Fund and the Wellcome ISSF.