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To be eligible to apply to the Medical Sciences Internal Fund for maternity/shared parental/adoption leave bridging costs:

  • the staff member must be currently employed on an externally funded research grant.
  • the staff member must be taking at least 6 months of leave with at least 3 months of that leave in the duration of the grant.  

The MSIF Family Leave scheme will provide up to 3 months (1.0 FTE) of the total employer cost of their salary, minus the value of the Statutory Maternity Pay in that period.

Where the member of staff taking leave is the PI, up to three months of salary support may be used to employ a lab manager or technician or to provide 'acting up' funds to a senior member of the group.

Where the member of staff is not the PI and the external funder does not allow maternity pay as an eligible cost, MSIF will consider applications for up to three months (FTE) of salary support to contribute to the cost of leave. In exceptional circumstances a longer period of support may be considered.