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The allocation of funding under the Medical Sciences Internal Fund (MSIF) Bridging and Family Leave schemes is currently suspended until further notice.

The Medical Sciences Divisional Office team are very sympathetic to the difficulties facing researchers and their teams as a result of the COVID-19 crisis. However it is vital that the Division and wider University has a comprehensive strategy for supporting its staff in the coming months. MSD will be supporting Departments equitably and transparently with their staff funding issues and further information will follow when University policies on furloughing, fixed term contracts, etc. are finalised and when we obtain a clear funding position from our major funders.



It is essential that applicants read the FAQs before applying to this fund.

Please submit your application online via the Internal Research Award Management System (IRAMS).

Guidance on IRAMS in the form of quick reference guide (QRG) documents for applicants, departmental approvers and administrators can be found on Research Support pages.

Applications must be reviewed online for eligibility and departmental support by departmental approvers and, where approved, submitted to the Committee for review. 

To demonstrate that applications have been submitted for external research grants, applications for bridging salary support must include the front page and the scientific and lay summaries of the external grant application(s) that have been submitted. These must be combined with your case for support and uploaded on IRAMS as a single PDF. A full copy of the grant application or a lengthy outline of the science is not required. 

If an extension of awarded Medical Sciences Internal Fund bridging support is required due to delays in the start of anticipated external funding then a new application will need to be submitted to the next available round of the Medical Sciences Internal Fund.