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The allocation of funding under the Medical Sciences Internal Fund (MSIF) Bridging and Family Leave schemes is currently suspended until further notice.

The Medical Sciences Divisional Office team are very sympathetic to the difficulties facing researchers and their teams as a result of the COVID-19 crisis. However it is vital that the Division and wider University has a comprehensive strategy for supporting its staff in the coming months. MSD will be supporting Departments equitably and transparently with their staff funding issues and further information will follow when University policies on furloughing, fixed term contracts, etc. are finalised and when we obtain a clear funding position from our major funders.


The Medical Sciences Internal Fund Bridging Salary Scheme provides short-term awards to cover the salary costs of research staff at postdoctoral and early career researcher levels, who are currently funded on external research grants, while they seek long-term support, also from external sources.

It is essential that applicants read the FAQs before applying to this fund. 


The Bridging Salary Scheme provides funding to support the salary of postdocs and early career (junior) researchers between external grants. Other externally funded research staff with specialist knowledge (e.g. clinical trials staff at grade 7 or 8) may also be supported. Applicants may check the likely eligibility of the recipient for bridging funding before applying by submitting their CV to the Research Funding team.


As of November 2019, Departments are expected to demonstrate a strong commitment to the staff member being bridged by committing a minimum of 50% of the total cost of the bridging salary period from their internal sources. If a Department finds they are unable to do this, an explanation must be provided in the application form.

This bridging support will normally be for a maximum of three months (FTE). Longer periods of support may be considered in exceptional circumstances. Bridging salary for part-time staff will be funded at the relevant FTE. It is accepted that researchers may have to wait considerable lengths of time after submission until the start date of any external research grant awarded.

Reflecting the intention to support postdoctoral and early career researchers, awards are capped at a maximum of £18,025 (3 months employer cost at Grade 8.10).

The Medical Sciences Internal Fund Bridging Salary Scheme will normally fund contributions to the total employer cost of salaries only, and will not fund consumables or other non-staff research costs under this scheme.

Bridging support applications can only be submitted to the Medical Sciences Internal Fund on or after the date on which external funding applications for long-term salary support are submitted.