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This fund is supported by the Human Immune Discovery Initiative and aims to increase accessibility to immunological expertise for all researchers across the University.

With the support of the NIHR Oxford BRC, the University of Oxford Immunology Network has driven the development of the Human Immune Discovery Initiative, an initiative that aims to improve accessibility to immunological assays and expertise for all researchers across the University (and beyond). HIDI will act as a gateway to immunological resources by sponsoring 4 Discovery Platforms within the Medical Sciences Division. These Platforms are led by experienced researchers and include:

Projects that flow through HIDI will vary in the number and type of assays utilised and the scientific background, including but not limited to oncology, infection, neuroscience, metabolism, and others. Close links with OUH and OUI will allow the identification and rapid translation of research for patient benefit, if desired.

The HIDI internal fund will support projects that meet the remit and scope of this Initiative. There will be two funding calls throughout the year, aiming to support a range of projects from across the University. We expect to support approximately 10 projects per year. The Management Committee, comprising members of the Immunology Network, HIDI Platforms, the NHS and OUI, will be responsible for allocating the funding.


Projects will need to demonstrate a fit with one or more of the following HIDI strategic priorities:

  1. Excellent, novel, human immunological research
  2. Cross-technology, cross-Platform research
  3. Research for patient benefit

Applications should aim to demonstrate the advantages that the use of HIDI Platforms will provide with particular emphasis on how access to immunological assays and expertise will advance the project. Applicants should liaise with the project manager for HIDI and the relevant Platforms well in advance of the deadline to ensure accurate costings are submitted. Projects can aim to generate preliminary data or build on existing research. Projects should be no longer than 12 months duration. A potential translational outcome would be particularly welcome.       

There are two types of award available;

  1. Small awards- requests must not exceed £10,000
  2. Main awards- requests must not exceed £40,000


Please liaise with the Platform staff who will be able to advise on costings for your project. Staff and equipment costs are not eligible. For main awards, applications will need to demonstrate a clear case for how HIDI support will provide significant insight to a research question, and will utilise multiple Platforms. Match funding is especially encouraged. Projects are expected to be between 6 and 12 months in duration. This will allow rapid assessment of the benefit of HIDI to aid future sustainability approaches.

Researchers at all levels within the University of Oxford are encouraged to apply. Those with limited access to immunological expertise will be particularly welcome.

Please submit your application online via the Internal Research Award Management System (IRAMS)Online application via IRAMS requests information about the lead applicant and any co-applicants or editors, a lay summary, a financial breakdown of your proposal and a case for support uploaded to the IRAMS application system. You must incorporate all requested components of the case for support into one document and upload this on IRAMS as a PDF. A template is available on the Case for Support tab of the online application form and must include requested elements as follows;

  • A 250-word abstract of the proposal requesting HIDI funding.
  • Research objectives and proposed outcomesincluding information about proposed development milestones and potential next steps following completion of the project to include, for example, sources of follow on funding, plans for commercialisation.
  • Please append a one-page CV for each applicant and co-applicant

More information can be found here

The deadline for applications is midday on Friday 13 December 2019. 

For all enquiries please contact the Research Facilitator for Immunology, Georgina Kerr at

Paul Klenerman

Quentin Sattentau

Helen Ferry

Chris Willberg

Nicola Ternette

Calli Dendrou

Michael Youdell

Neil Ashley

Errin Johnson

Alan Wainman

Ross Sadler

Matt Carpenter

Georgina Kerr