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BBSRC have a clear vision of the strategic challenges that they wish to tackle:

  1. Bioscience for sustainable agriculture and food
  2. Bioscience for renewable resources and clean growth
  3. Bioscience for an integrated understanding of health

The Translational Research Office (TRO) is in receipt of funding from the BBSRC through the Impact Acceleration Account (IAA). This scheme aims to strengthen user engagement; strengthen knowledge exchange; encourage and support translation at the earliest stages to the point of further follow-on funding; and the discovery of ingenious and pioneering approaches to impact delivery, with reduced lead time. This call for proposals aims to identify novel technologies, knowledge and associated innovations in the Biosciences and drive their translation to associated markets, or end-point users. This call specifically prioritises supporting market analysis activities for translational projects which are at a stage of needing to understand the market potential of their developed technology. Proposals that are highly multi-disciplinary and cross-divisional are strongly encouraged to apply.

Market Analysis

Projects will have likely attained some preliminary data, this funding will allow development of a clearer understanding of the commercial potential of the research through understanding of market competition. Funding could support activities such as: market analysis and assessment (potential, competition and opportunities), business modelling, engagement and establishing relationships with key industrial partners, prototype evaluation, IP searches and strengthening cases for patent protection, and development of key contacts with potential licensees or other interested parties – which would aid in understanding of project needs and requirements. Funding can be utilized to commission expert advice from sector specialists on the best commercial development strategy for a business idea. Existing research projects are likely to be characterised by a high degree of risk or uncertainty: the aim of any proposed IAA project will be to identify how to de-risk the technology and advance it closer to the point where it is suitable for support from other sources and/or commercial exploitation. These activities will strengthen a future application for follow-on funding, targeting the commercialisation of the research. Please note: funding will not support patent filing costs.