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working with the Oxford-harrington Rare Diseases centre

With over 250 senior scientists working on over 350 rare diseases across more than 20 different departments, working with the Oxford-Harrington Centre offers access to a range of unique opportunities, including:

World-leading expertise

Oxford’s researchers have a reputation for excellence across all disciplines. The University of Oxford attracts researchers of the highest calibre from around the globe, creating a community of world-leading, unique experts working towards achieving scientific advancements. To learn more about the University of Oxford’s approach to disciplinary excellence read our research strategy.

Research with impact

“The research conducted at Oxford University saves lives, strengthens the economy, advances industry, influences policy and enriches our culture.”  Read more about the impact of Oxford’s research.

“The official UK-wide assessment of all university research, the Research Excellence Framework (REF), found that Oxford has the country’s largest volume of world-leading research. This research sets other academic agendas around the world. The University is also rated top in the REF power rankings published by Research Fortnight.” Read more here…

State-of-the-art infrastructure

The University of Oxford and the Oxford University Hospitals NHS Trust are home to some of the most advanced facilities in the world. Researchers and clinicians in Oxford have access to state-of-the-art research centres, world renowned hospitals, and leading technologies which all contribute the development of scientific advancements to improve health and wellbeing.

Clinical trial capabilities

The University of Oxford, together with the Oxford University Hospitals NHS Trust have the capabilities to perform a vast number of clinical trials across a wide range of therapeutic areas. Clinical trials are managed across the University and OUH through departmental clinical trial teams, and specialised Clinical Trial Units.

Unique patient cohorts and biobank collections

The Oxford University Hospitals NHS Trust manages over 900,000 patient episodes per year, and through collaborations with researchers from the University of Oxford, hosts over 600 clinical trials at any one time, providing access to a large number of rare disease patients. The University and OUH are home to a large number of diverse biobanks which collect and store specialised samples from these patient cohorts for the purposes of long term research. The Oxford BioResource is an umbrella organisation which provides a portal to a collection of these resources.

Extensive UK and international collaborations

Oxford’s researchers and clinicians have an extensive network of well established, world-wide collaborations with all stakeholders from the rare disease community, including other academic institutions, industry partners, funding groups, patient organisations and policy makers.