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The following Medical School Prizes have been awarded in 2017:

Sir Richard Doll Essay Prize 2016/2017: George Gillett, for his essay entitled "Health promotion, autonomy and moral responsibility. Disentangling narratives amid epidemiological transition"

Hobson Mann Lovell Scholarship: The scholarship is awarded to students who are judged to have made outstanding progress on the clinical medical course. Winners include Emily Groves, Suzanne Dash, Raphael Rifkin-Zybutz, Craig Mounsey, George Sismey, Eleanor Grant, Amine Awad and George Wallis

Peter Tizard Prize for Paediatrics (Year 5 / Year 3 Graduate Entrry): Mr Amine Awad (St Anne’s College)

Cardiology Essay Prize 2017: Jessica Neilan, St Catherine’s College.  Jessica is a 3rd Year Graduate Entry Medical Student.  Her essay was entitled "Health Care Inequalities Between the Genders for Ischaemic Heart Disease”

Matilda Tambyraja Prize in Obstetrics & Gynaecology 2016/17 (Year 5/ Graduate Entry Year 3): Alethea Peters, Worcester College

Sir John Stallworthy Prize 2016/17: For the best performance by a student in clinical obstetrics and gynaecology (Year 5): Joe O’Sullivan, Merton College

R.B. Duthie Prize in Orthopaedic Surgery 2016/17: For best performance by a student in 5th Year/Graduate Entry 3rd Year Orthopaedics: Jamie Mawhinney, Balliol College and Abhijeet Tavare, Balliol College

Meakins McClaran Medal 2017: Prize awarded for the outstanding overall performance of a student graduating with the degrees of BM BCh (Oxon) (2nd BM Clinical Medicine course): Harriet Brown, Green Templeton College

L J Witts Prize in Haematology or Gastroenterology 2017: Krithi Ravi, Green Templeton College

Sidney Truelove Prize in Gastroenterology 2017: Owen Duffey, Green Templeton College

Renwick Vickers Prize in Dermatology: Antonio Ji Xu for his essay ‘Sunlight, skin cancer and Vitamin D: from evolution to civilisation’

Sir Roger Bannister Neurology Prize: For performance in the Year 5 Medical Student Neurology attachment: Ralitsa Slivkova, Christ Church College, and Matthew Tranter, Green Templeton College. 

Clinical School Year 4 General Practice Essay Prize 2017: Awarded jointly to Emily Davenport, Green Templeton College, and Calum McIntyre, Somerville College. Runners Up: Nadia Chaudhury, Magdalen College; Elizabeth Fox, University College; Willow Fox, St Hugh’s College; and Harriet Loney, Green Templeton College.  

Preliminary Examination in Medicine Prizes

Martin Wronker Prize for Preliminary Examination in Medicine Part I: Ianthe Schepel, Harris Manchester College 

Martin Wronker Prize for Preliminary Examination in Medicine Part II: Dr William Pettersson-Yeo, Magdalen College 

Martin Wronker Proxime Accessit Prize for Preliminary Examination in Medicine Part II: William Sargent, Somerville College 

OSCE Prize for Preliminary Examination in Medicine Part I: Aaron Simpson, Somerville College 

OSCE Prize for Preliminary Examination in Medicine Part II: William Sargent, Somerville



The Examiners in the Second Examination for the Degrees of Bachelor of Medicine and Bachelor of Surgery in Year 3 have awarded the following prizes:

George Pickering 2017: Claire Peet, Magdalen College

Margaret Harris Memorial Prize 2017: Emily McFiggans, Green Templeton College

Ledingham Prize in Medicine 2017: Harsh Samarendra, Green Templeton College

Mortensen Prize in Surgery 2017: Jonathan Raby, New College