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A new Oxford initiative aims to highlight and promote the representation of diversity in portraits displayed around the university. Diversifying Portraiture at Oxford is a project to catalogue and celebrate the sometimes hidden images of women and BME, disabled and LGBT people, and to help to make the walls of the university a more inclusive and welcoming place.

Read more (Equality and Diversity Unit).

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Images: Bhagavat Simhaji by Frank Brooks (1895). By kind permission of the Bodleian Libraries, University of Oxford (LP559) | Fiona Caldicott by Thomas Leveritt (2002). By kind permission of the Principal and Fellows of Somerville College, Oxford | Janet Vaughan by Claude Rogers (1957). By kind permission of the Principal and Fellows of Somerville College, Oxford | Richard Hillary by Eric Kennington. By kind permission of the President and Fellows of Trinity College, Oxford | Cicely Williams. Photograph courtesy of Somerville College, Oxford

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