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UNIQ is a programme run out of the University of Oxford that offers secondary school students studying at UK state schools the opportunity to experience life as an Oxford student through a range of summer schools, residential conference and digital learning platforms. UNIQ aims to raise aspirations and encourage students to make informed decisions about higher education. Many researchers throughout the Division run sessions at UNIQ Summer Schools – read about UNIQ sessions in the Department of Experimental Psychology. 

UNIQ 2019 – last chance to apply

UNIQ students in the Department of Oncology. They explored the world of cancer research on a course that covered cancer biology, biochemistry practical work, immunotherapy, radiotherapy, metastsis, clinical trials and screening. 

Researchers are also involved with Target Oxbridge, which aims to increase the number of black African and Caribbean students at Oxford and Cambridge by helping talented pupils to apply – read about an NDORMS session.

Target Oxbridge activities in NDORMS.jpg

Target Oxbridge activities in NDORMS

These programmes offer students a further way to gain experience and understanding of the Medical Sciences. If you are interested in getting involved with these programmes, please contact them directly: