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Nasir Hamid Photography / courtesy of Department of Primary Care Health Sciences


Throughout your life, your brain undergoes extraordinary changes, and makes you the person you are. This exhibition at the Oxford Museum of Natural History reveals how the latest neuroscience is transforming what we know about our brains, from birth to the end of life. 

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Mon 12 Jun - Fri 7 Jul - Through the Looking Glass, Microscopy Exhibition

Stroll through a series of beautiful microscopy images displaying the works of University of Oxford scientists. Enjoy the captivating beauty of science and peer through the looking glass into the unseen microscopic worlds at this exhibition set in University Parks. There will be a series family-friendly hands-on activities on the 17th of June, 11am-2pm.

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Are we in control of our own destiny when it comes to sex, food and the future of our planet? Meaty topics at this year’s Oxfordshire Science Festival explore everything from solar plasmas to pleasure and insect’s knees to the history and fate of humanity.

Hear like an insect, build a star or watch a contagious cabaret. Over the weekend, families, adults and kids of all ages can delve into the world of science. The hands-on Explorazone will open in the evening on Saturday 17 June for adults only, so grown-ups can play at being a paramedic, a plasma physicist or prevent a Polio pandemic.

The evolution debate will be untangled from science fiction with an event asking “is it right to synthesise human genomes?” Meanwhile a chef and a professor will highlight some unusual features of diet and health. Elsewhere, we scrutinise sustainability with the help of the Ladybird Expert Book of Climate Change. Catch researchers from the Oxford Medical Sciences Division at the following events: 

Fri 16 Jun - Warzone (Sheldonian Theatre)

Sat 17 Jun - The wonders of early human life (Oxford Town Hall) 

Sat 17 Jun - Puzzles of the mind (Oxford Town Hall)

Sat 17 Jun - Affairs of the heart (Oxford Town Hall) 

Sat 17 - Sun 18 Jun - Molecular machines in the body (Oxford Town Hall)

Sat 17 - Sun 18 Jun - Secrets in the blood (Oxford Town Hall) 

Sat 17 - Sun 18 Jun - Brilliant bones and incredible immunity (Oxford Town Hall) 

Sat 17 - Sun 18 Jun - Mice, fish, chicks and me; how embryos develop (Oxford Town Hall)

Sat 17 - Sun 18 Jun - Oxford hands - on science (Oxford Town Hall) 

Sun 18 Jun - DNA origami - How do you fold a genome? (Oxford Town Hall) 

Sun 18 Jun - A scientist and a spoonful of sugar (Oxford Town Hall)

Sun 18 Jun - Exploring your genes (Oxford Town Hall) 

Sun 18 Jun - Rolling the dice on cancer (Oxford Town Hall) 

Sun 18 Jun - Food forensics (Oxford Town Hall) 

Mon 19 Jun - Experimental cancer medicine - we do this in Oxford? (Richard Doll Building, Old Road Campus)

Mon 19 Jun - Happy and healthy diet (Sheldonian Theatre)

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SAT 17 JUN - SUN 25 JUN - Medical Research Council FESTIVAL OF MEDICal research

From London to Liverpool, from Glasgow to The Gambia, the MRC Festival of Medical Research is an annual event across multiple sites where MRC-funded researchers showcase and discuss their work through public events and activities. 

During June, scientists from Oxford's Medical Sciences Division will take to the road to give people from Oxfordshire, Berkshire, and Buckinghamshire a chance to find out how amazing medical research is shaping tomorrow's therapies.

During our lives, our health is determined by a combination of how we chose to live and the genes that provide the basic instructions for running out bodies.  From Sat 17 Jun - Fri 23 Jun we will be setting up in supermarkets and shopping centres in Newbury, High Wycombe, Aylesbury, Banbury, Bicester, Witney, and Swindon.  We will be exploring how genes work, how they can be damaged and how this relates to conditions such as allergies and cancer. Catch researchers from the Oxford Medical Sciences Division at the following events: 

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TUES 4 JUL - SUN 9 JUL - DNA Origami: How to fold a genome at the Royal Society Summer Science Exhibition

Inside every one of our cells, something remarkable is happening. A two-metre long DNA molecule is twisted and folded until it fits into a structure smaller than the width of a human hair. We’re unpicking how tiny changes in this 3D structure can have a big impact on human health. Join us at the Royal Society Summer Science Exhibition to take a virtual reality tour around the genome, try out hands-on activities and ask researchers your burning questions about amazing bending, folding, DNA. The event is free and open to all; follow @Folding_genome to find out more!

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tues 18 july - poetry reading: To breathe ourselves into some other lungs

Join Breathe Oxford and Life of Breath in the upstairs room of the Oxford Retreat Pub for a poetry reading, focused on the relationship between poetry and breathing.

Poet Gregory Leadbetter and scientist and poet Sarah Watkinson will be reading from their own work, alongside award-winning travel writer Elsa Hammond (currently studying for a PhD in Romantic and Victorian poetry) and Kate Binnie, a writer and music therapist who often works with COPD (chronic obstructive pulmonary disease) patients in palliative care. Kate will sing 'First and Last Breath', composed specially for the occasion.

Members of the audience are encouraged to bring along poems to read (of their own if they so wish), relevant to the theme of breathing.

The evening is part of an exciting new collaboration between Breathe Oxford and the Life of Breath.

19:00 – 21:00, The Oxford Retreat, 1-2 Hythe Bridge Street, Oxford, OX1 2EW

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The Curiosity Carnival on Friday 29 September is a chance to find out what research is really all about, meet researchers, ask questions and discover how research affects and changes all our lives.

The night is a huge festival of curiosity – a city-wide programme of activities across the University of Oxford’s museums, libraries, gardens and woods. There will be a wide range of activities for all ages and interests – live experiments, games, stalls, busking, debates, music, dance and a pub-style quiz.

Oxford’s Curiosity Carnival 2017 will join hundreds of other European cities in celebrating European Researchers’ Night. 

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