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Engage, Explore, Discover: Join our researchers around town! 

Interested in medical research? Want to find out what it's like to be a scientist? Or what life in the lab really entails? 

Then please join our researchers from across the University of Oxford’s Medical Sciences Division at one of the following events and have your questions answered....

Sat 26 Nov

Behind the Headlines at the Oxford Museum of Natural History

Join medical researchers from the Radcliffe Department of Medicine to find out more about the science hitting the news. Curious about how green tea could tackle heart disease or how tiny fish can help cure blood cancer?  Or perhaps you’d like to take a tour around a DNA molecule to get to grips with ‘big data’. Now’s your chance to investigate, experiment and discover more about the science in the news.

2-4pm, Oxford University Museum of Natural History

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Thu 8 Dec

The Global Threat of Antibiotic Resistance

Bacteria resistant to the effects of antibiotics were discovered shortly after penicillin was licensed and since then the global prevalence of antibiotic-resistant bacteria has increased significantly.  Professor Angela Brueggemann (University of Oxford) explores what is currently being done to tackle this problem.

Part of the programme of events for the Back from the Dead Special Exhibition at the Museum of the History of Science.

Doors open at 6.30pm, Museum for the History of Science, Broad Street, Oxford OX1 3AZ.

Please reserve a ticket through Eventbrite.