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Peter Barber


Medical Sciences Divisional Office
University of Oxford
Level 3, John Radcliffe Hospital
Oxford OX3 9DU

Peter Barber

Research Funding Manager (Interim)

As the interim Research Funding Manager (maternity cover), I support implementation and development of the Medical Sciences Division’s research strategy, with specific responsibility for the Division's internal research funding streams. I am Secretary of the Wellcome Institutional Strategic Support Fund (ISSF), the Medical Sciences Internal Fund (MSIF) and the John Fell Fund MSD sub-committee. Among other funding schemes, I also administer the COVID-19 Research Response Fund.

I support the Head of the Research Strategy and Funding team and the Strategic Bids Manager with applying and reporting to external funders for large and strategic grants. I also lead the Division's coordinated bids processes to select Oxford’s candidates for external funding when the number of applicants is restricted by the funder.


I started my career in Research Support in Oxford University's Humanities Division, coming from a research background, as a doctoral student, Junior Research Fellow and then post-doctoral researcher in the department of Linguistics, Philology and Phonetics.  I joined the Medical Sciences Division in March 2022 in this role.