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Jeremy Welch

Course Administration Manager

I manage the administration of courses, admissions, examinations and related activities for two undergraduate programmes of study: Pre-clinical Medicine and Biomedical Sciences, reporting to the Assistant Registrar of the MSTC.

I work closely with the Director of Pre-clinical Studies / Course Director for Biomedical Sciences, and other academic staff, who holds overall academic responsibility for the courses

I manage the formation and implementation of policies and regulations relating to these courses, as well as their implementation.


  • Management of the course administration team for Pre-clinical Medicine and Biomedical Sciences
  • Advising on University academic policy and procedure in relation to the above. Communicating and implementing changes in policy and procedure.
  • Acting as Secretary to the Pre-clinical Medicine Steering Committee and the Biomedical Sciences Steering Committee.
  • Reporting to Divisional Committees/Officers on academic matters
  • Dealing with complaints and academic appeals.
  • Organising the tutorial allocation scheme for Year 2 Biomedical Sciences students.
  • Organising the nomination of examiners for all examinations associated with the two programmes; liaising with Heads of Departments.
  • Working with the Director of Pre-clinical Studies / Course Director for Biomedical Sciences to ensure that the various academic roles (e.g. committee chairs, subject leads) are filled.
  • Collection of data, provision of information, and the drafting of formal documentation for the use of various bodies including divisional and central university committees, the Course Directors, colleges, and external reviewers.
  • Formulating changes to examination regulations and examination conventions and arranging for their approval by Divisional Officers/Committees.
  • Line-management of the Senior Academic Administrator (Years 1 and 2) and the Senior Academic Administrator (Admissions and Year 3).