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Medical School Office
University of Oxford
Academic Centre
Level 2, John Radcliffe Hospital
Oxford OX3 9DU

Dinah Trowbridge

Year 5 Clinical Course Administrator and Clinical School Admissions

Clinical School Admissions:

  • Admissions Officer and lay representative on interview panels
  • Liaising with the central University and Colleges and advising prospective candidates on selection criteria and procedure
  • Arranging interview timetable, issuing offers and rejections and student contracts

Year 5 Course Administrator:

  • Secretary of the Year 5 Exam Board
  • Primary point of contact for  departmental administrators, colleges and University bodies to expedite successful delivery of the Year 5 programme
  • Providing advice and support to Year 5 students
  • Monitoring the completion of Year 5 assessment requirements
  • Implementation and maintenance of results spreadsheet and Pass Lists

Medical Education Forum:

  • Administrator for the forum, involving the maintenance of the web site and arranging of events and publicity

Disability Coordinator

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