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Catriona Gilmour-Hamilton

Joint Lead for Patient and Public Involvement in Medical Education

Patient and Public involvement in medical education is an essential requirement of the General Medical Council (GMC). By working with patients and those with lived experience of health care, as equals during their undergraduate education, it is hoped that medical students will learn to listen to patients more effectively and continue to learn from them throughout their career. Patients and the Public are at the heart of medical education and have a key role to play in the whole educational process.


I joined Haematology Department at Oxford University Hospitals (OUH) NHS Trust in late 2017 after completing a PhD in Medical Humanities, and prior to that I worked for 15 years for a national cancer charity. My role at OUH has focused on promoting patient involvement in research design and NHS service improvement, and I have spent most of my professional and academic career engaging with patients and learning from their experiences. I am delighted to have the opportunity to allow patient input to enrich medical education at Oxford, to build on the good practice that is in place, and to create a framework to ensure best practice in patient involvement for the future.