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NOVO NORDISK pump priming fund

To facilitate collaborations between the University of Oxford and Novo Nordisk researchers, funds will be available, with a specific round of pump priming scheduled for 2022. These pump priming awards aim to increase the likelihood that subsequent proposals for larger Research Projects are brought forward. Priority will be given to projects aligned with Novo Nordisk area of interest and those with translational potential that are likely to elucidate disease mechanisms and lead to new discoveries will be welcomed. 

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Novo Nordisk Fellowship Programme 

The Novo Nordisk Fellowship programme aims to support the development of a new generation of exceptional young diabetes researchers, who will become future leaders in the field, while further developing scientific excellence within diabetes and ultimately improving the lives of patients.

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NNRCO (Novo Nordisk Research Centre Oxford) encourages submission of expressions of interest for collaborative projects and interests from Oxford academics within the remit and research areas of the NNRCO. To align and develop any concepts, it is recommended that academics reach out to appropriate Novo Nordisk head of departments within the NNRCO early, to foster proposals before significant effort is undertaken.

Please contact Liz Covey-Crump (Business Partnerships Manager) should you wish to discuss any potential collaborative ideas with the NNRCO. Please note that Liz is only able to advise University of Oxford staff on collaboration and roles with Novo Nordisk, and is not able to comment on speculative applications. External applicants interested in a role with Novo Nordisk should consult their website, or browse vacancies with the University of Oxford.