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A tool for enabling students choose course options

Chooser allows courses to offer options (e.g. projects or modules) to students, so the students can select and, optionally, rank their preferences. Features include:

  • Integrated with Canvas and uses permissions from the course that it is linked from, with the option to override those permissions.
  • Customisable option form, allowing the appropriate information about options to be inputted. 
  • Options can be created and edited by those offering them, e.g. project supervisors, or by course teams. There is an optional approval step before options are made available to students.
  • Optional ranking of options and ability for students to add comments to their choices.
  • Rules, both enforced and advisory, to ensure students select an appropriate subset of options. Rules can apply to the entire set of options or a sub-category. 
  • Deadline for students to make their choices, with the ability to allow an extension period.
  • Viewing or downloading student choices. 

Anyone with a University of Oxford Canvas account can access a demo of Chooser, where you can make a choice as a student. 

Screenshot of a student selecting options in ChooserScreenshot of a student selecting options in Chooser