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  1. Use the Preview Site button in the top right-hand corner to switch to see how an ‘access’ user would see your site. Click Exit preview to return to normal. However, this will not let you check things such as whether users in a particular group can see something.
  2. For a more reliable test of your site, particularly if it concerns something that is sensitive in some way, you are far better off adding yourself as an external user to your site and any necessary group(s) and then logging in as that user.
    1. In Site Info, select Add Participants
    2. In the Email Address of Non-Oxford Participant box, paste in a personal email address that you can access the click Continue.
    3. From the Roles list, choose access then Continue.
    4. Choose whether an email is sent to that account which contains a link to the site. If the account hasn’t already been created for this address before, an automatic email will be sent linking to a page where the user can choose a password. Click Continue.
    5. Check the details on the confirmation page then click Finish.
    6. Now check your email account for an email from – check your ‘junk’ folder if it doesn’t appear almost immediately.
    7. In the email, click on the link which begins:
      Accept this invitation
      and complete the form, choosing a password you can remember.
    8. If you have another browser on your machine (other than the one you have been using so far), open this up now and visit the page you are working on. If not, click the Logout button (or close your browser) and reopen the page.
    9. Now click the Other Users Login button and login using your personal email address and the password you have just set – you are now looking at the site as an access user.