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  • Apply for your MSD IT account. This is the account you need to access your files and the Divisional Office shared drives as well as to print and access other services
  • Activate your Nexus email. You’ll need to have received an activation code to do this.  Please call MSD IT on 01865 (2)80030 if you haven’t receive it.
  • Add your profile to the divisional websiteAll staff in the Divisional Office have an online profile on the Medical Sciences website. Please discuss adding your profile with your line manager and a member of the Communications team will follow up with you shortly
  • Complete the Information Security Awareness Training moduleEach of us must take responsibility for our own data, and our online interactions and online presence. Being aware of the issues involved and practising good information security will keep our work secure, prevent problems arising, and protect the University. Please complete this module and secure a pass mark (70%) in your first week at the University. This is mandatory and not discretionary. On completion of the module test, please save a copy of your pass certificate, then please email it as an attachment to
  • Complete the Display Screen Equipment (DSE) assessment (find it in the right hand column, under External Resources, select ‘Safety Office – Complete a DSE Assessment’). This is to be completed by all staff who use a computer or laptop continuously for more than an hour and  will help us ensure that your DSE is set up correctly. Our Divisional Safety Officer, Graham Ross, is automatically notified once you have completed the assessment and he will then review it.
  • Complete the Equality and Diversity courseThis course introduces you to what equality and diversity mean and why they are important both to the University and to you as an individual. It provides an overview of the legislation, your rights and responsibilities, and guidelines for ensuring that equality and diversity are embedded in your work.  
  • Take the induction for new staff online courseThis course provides an introduction to the University and a guide to where information can be found on a broad range of topics relevant to a new starter to the University.