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In order to qualify for the title of University Research Lecturer you must:

  • Demonstrate substantial independent research achievements
  • Be successful in obtaining research grants independently
  • Undertake teaching
  • Demonstrate a sustained and continuing contribution to the general work of the Medical Sciences Division over the last 3 years

Please note that it has been decided not to run the exercise for the title of University Research Lecturer in 2021, and to remove the Grade 9 bar for the AP title.

The eligibility criteria for applying for the title of University Research Lecturer are as follow:

Criterion 1

The applicant must demonstrate substantial independent research achievements.  Applicants should:

 i)   Provide full details of all publications during their academic career.

 ii)   Demonstrate the quality of their contributions in their chosen research field by giving details of the 5 most significant publications whilst working for, or in association, with the University of Oxford, and explain their individual contribution to these 5 publications, eg., senior authorship, major contribution to an important aspect of the paper eg statistical analysis, structural biology etc. We would expect most of this to be recent publications i.e. within the last 5 years. 

Criterion 2

The applicant must have been successful in obtaining research grants independently.  Applicants should:

i)   Give full details of all successful grant applications that the individual has made.

ii)   Give a list of all applicants who have contributed to each grant and clearly state their own role in each application (e.g. Principal Investigator) and who the Principal Investigator is if the applicant is not the Principal Investigator

Criterion 3

 The title ‘lecturer’ requires that some teaching is undertaken. However, references to teaching need not merely relate to undergraduate teaching. A distinguished researcher would usually have some responsibility for graduate supervision.  Applicants should demonstrate how they meet this criterion by:

i)   Full details of all teaching (please details of date, number of session, course name, etc).

ii)  Full details and numbers of all graduate students whom they have formally supervised, including dates when this work took place and level of student (Eg: MSc, DPhil).              

Criterion 4

The applicant must have worked for the University of Oxford for at least 3 years and be able to demonstrate a sustained and continuing contribution to the general work of the Medical Sciences Division over the last 3 years.  Applicants should provide evidence that they have met this criterion by:

i)   Describing any role that they have played in the life of their department, the Division or the University by, for example, serving on relevant committees, examining, assessing, mentoring or contributing to the organisation of seminars or other scientific events over the last 3 years.

ii)  Describing any marks of esteem that they have achieved.  These might include, for example, being asked to deliver external lectures, participating in the editorial boards of academic journals etc.