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Room hire prices

Below are the prices for Medical Sciences Teaching Centre (MSTC) room hire, as of 1 January 2022:

Room Half day or evening (£) Day (£) Additional hours beyond 5pm (£ per hr)
Lecture theatre 580 995 87
UG area & foyer 425 715 63
UG a/b 230 390 35
UG a/b & foyer 295 450 40
UG c & foyer 230 390 35
3 a/b 225 380 34
LG a/b 160 265 24
Individual seminar room                                                160 265 24
CAL lab 415 700 62
Classroom 1 (for posters) 230 395 35
Classroom 2 415 700 62
Posterboards £18 each

Prices include use of audio-visual equipment and basic AV/IT support (i.e. initial set-up if required, support available on-call). Prices are exclusive of VAT, which will be charged if applicable.

Additional charges

Wireless user accounts

Admin for creation of wireless user accounts

£20 per batch (up to 100 accounts)

Technical support

For example, ordering of laboratory consumables

£41 per hour of staff time

Medium level AV/IT support - must be pre-booked

AV/IT support available throughout the event, creation of wireless user accounts, configuration of users’ laptops for wireless use. Use of video-conferencing equipment.

£61 per day of event or £41 for a half day or evening event

High level AV/IT support - must be pre-booked

As above, plus software/hardware installation/configuration for courses with specific needs

£82 per day of event or £61 for a half day or evening event

Weekend and evening events

Events which take place at weekends (or after 5.00 pm on weekdays) will incur additional charges

£31 per hour of event to cover the costs of staffing the building and £41 per hour for AV/IT support and/or Technical support if required/available

Demonstration room (dissection facilities)

Half day or evening: £450

Day: £760

Additional hours beyond 5pm: £67 per hour

NB These prices are for room hire only. Bookings for this room will incur additional charges from the Department of Physiology, Anatomy and Genetics to cover staffing, equipment and consumables. Prices are available on request.


Please contact the following suppliers for catering options in the MSTC:

* If catering is booked / arranged for your event by the MSTC Events Officer, an additional 5% of the total catering charge will be added to the cost of the event.

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