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Submission of Applications And Nominations


The 2022 Teaching Excellence Awards - for Project Awards only - is now closed for applications. Find out more about the 2022 winners on the 2022 Awardees page.

The next round - for both Personal and Project Awards - is expected to run in 2023.


Nominations will be considered on the basis of the evidence provided of the extent to which the nominee meets the description of the specific award they have been nominated for. The following will be taken into account:

  • The strength of student feedback – qualitative and quantitative – in support of the nomination. Those submitting nominations are encouraged to highlight the reliability/validity of student feedback data, based on the sample size. If possible, as well as student feedback relating to the nominee’s contribution, please provide average student feedback data summarised for the course(s) over a number of years, so that student feedback for the nominee can be seen in context.
  • The information provided by the staff member/committee nominating a colleague for an award. This should include information on what the nominee has done to contribute to students’ education; information putting the nominee’s contribution into the context of the nominee’s department / college / the institution / field of teaching etc; evidence (both quantitative and qualitative) of the impact the nominee has made; and a description of how the nominee’s contribution/impact goes beyond what might normally be expected of someone in their role.
  • Comments provided by the Head of Department or other appropriate person in the department (the divisional office will seek these comments following the deadline for nominations).
  • Additional statements of support from colleagues, students, teachers, line manager etc. Statements of support should help to put the nominee’s contribution into the context of the work of the nominee’s department / college / the institution etc. 
  • Please note that nominations for personal awards need to demonstrate how the nominee has shown exceptional contributions, above and beyond their normal role.

Selection Panel

The Selection Panel will comprise: the Associate Head of Division for Education (Chair) (or their nominee); the Chairs of the Undergraduate Studies Committee and Graduate School Committees; the Medical Sciences Board Conference of Colleges representative; and the Medical Sciences Board undergraduate and graduate student representatives.

The Selection Panel reserves the right to redistribute nominations to different categories.


Following the submission deadline the Selection Panel will meet to consider the applications/nominations and decide on the awardees. Applicants and nominees will be informed of the panel’s decisions as soon as possible after this meeting.


Awards will officially be presented at a divisional Teaching Excellence Awards ceremony. The ceremony, which was postponed from 2021, will take place in October 2022. This will provide an opportunity to showcase awards made in both 2021 and 2022. 



Enquiries should be directed to Ros Whiteley.