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Early Career Excellent Teacher Awards formally recognise the excellent contributions to teaching (including teaching students how to do research) made by individual members of the Collegiate University and NHS staff within the Division who are within the first five years of their career as a university/NHS teacher. This award will be made in recognition of staff who have been highly innovative and have developed exceptional expertise in teaching within a relatively short period of time.

In considering nominations for Early Career Excellent Teacher Awards, the Selection Panel will look in particular for evidence of some or all of the following:

  • The individual has made an exceptional contribution to teaching. This contribution might be evidenced through student feedback and student results/outcomes
  • The individual has made a highly innovative contribution to teaching, for example through the development of new and innovative teaching provision, or by refreshing existing teaching provision in an innovative way
  • The individual provides teaching which is engaging and informative, promoting students’ interest in their subject area. Excellent supporting materials (e.g. lecture handouts) are provided as appropriate
  • The individual is approachable for students and responsive to student questions
  • The individual may use teaching methods which encourage students in active learning, for example the use of quizzes, discussions or working with peers
  • The individual progressively refines their teaching taking into account evaluative evidence such as student feedback

Please also read the section on ‘Evidence taken into account in considering nominations for Personal awards’ on the Further Details page


  1. Collegiate University and NHS staff involved in teaching of Oxford students within the Division, who are within the first five years of their career as a university/NHS teacher, are eligible for this category of award. [Please note: the 5 year period includes teaching experience at any university or NHS Trust, not only at Oxford.]
  2. DPhil students who teach are also eligible, provided that this was for a sustained record of excellent teaching.
  3. Staff are advised to contact Julia Leung or Elena Martin if they have queries about the assessment process for Early Career Excellent Teacher awards.


The 2023 Early Career Excellent Teacher Awards are now closed for nominations. Find out more about the 2021 winners on the 2021 Awardees page.


Please note:

  • the nominee(s) must consent to being put forward for an award.
  • self-nominations will not be accepted for Early Career Excellent Teacher Awards.