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Created: March 2020

You can organise content in your Team in Channels to separate different topics / areas of work. Each Channel can have its own document library, planner, chat and other Teams features such as forms and wikis.


 Screenshot showing channels in a Team

The Nexus 365 User Group Team, for example, has a number of different channels. You can set channels so that they are by default displayed in the Teams navigation under the Team name. Other channels will appear under the hidden channels link (1).

Note: Users can specify which channels they want to see and which they want to appear under the hidden link, overriding your default settings.

Add a New Channel

Screenshot showing the location of the new channel option in Teams


To add a new channel:

  1. Click the ellipses.
  2. Click Add channel.


 Screenshot of the new channel set up screen

  1. Give your channel a name.
  2. You can add a description.
  3. You have a choice of Standard or Private channels. Everyone in the Team can see the material in a standard channel. Private channels are restricted to a subset of Team members - you need to manage the membership of the channel separately.
  4. Tick the check box is you would like the channel to show in the list of channels under the team name.
  5. Click Add.


 Screenshot showing the new channel in Teams

You will now see your new channel.


  Screenshot showing the default channel options of Posts and Files

The channel will have an area for discussion (Posts) and Files set up.

You can add other features, such as a Planner, to the channel by clicking the Plus icon next to Files.