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Each channel in your team has a document library. You can add additional document libraries to a channel. This shows you how to do this.

Created: March 2020

Please note: To do this you need to go into the SharePoint view of Teams. Don't change any permissions in the SharePoint view as it can cause the Team to break in a way that isn't recoverable.


 Screenshot showing the location of the open in sharepoint link in Teams

  1. Go to a Files area.
  2. Click Open in SharePoint.


Screenshot showing the location of the new document library link 

  1. Select Site contents.
  2. Click New.
  3. Select Document library.


 Screenshot of the create document library screen

  1. Give the document library a name.
  2. The description is optional.
  3. Click Create.


 Screenshot showing the location of the add symbol in a Teams channel

Go back to your Team and click the plus symbol in the channel where you would like to add the document library.


 Screenshot showing the location of the add document library link

Click Document Library.


 Screenshot of the add document library screen

Select the site where you created the document library and click Next.


 Screenshot of the pick a document library option in Teams

  1. Select the document library you would like to add to your channel.
  2. Click Next.


 Screenshot of the name your tab screen in Teams

  1. Your document library will be listed in a tab at the top of the channel - give this tab a name.
  2. Click Save.


 Screenshot showing the location of the new document library in a Teams channel

You will now see your new document library.