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This training video runs through many of the online meeting scenarios provided by Teams. It is 45 minutes long however, so below is a quick summary of the main points and where to find them.

Meeting Scenarios

0 - Different types of meeting - adhoc or scheduled meetings


4:49 How to schedule an online meeting - setting up events etc

9:58 Meeting Options - explains how to configure the 'lobby'

Pre Meeting work

10:44 Your pre meeting chat

13:45 Actually joining the meeting

Running and participating in a meeting

14:14 The toolbar options when the meeting is running

15:26 The Recording option (not currently available for us)

16:26 How to show meeting notes and chat

17:41 How to see if your participants are there

Ad hoc meetings

23:22 How to turn a chat into an ad hoc meeting

27:16 How to do turn a one to one chat into a meeting

Project Based Meetings

(Meetings scheduled and held in Team Sites)

27:59 How project meetings are available to all members of a team

31:28 Setting up a meeting in a Team site

32:38 Your channel based meetings won't show up in Outlook, only in the Team app, but you can invite people specifically so that they get an invite to their Outlook calendar

33:29 Letting other people know about a meeting

Tools available to you in a meeting

36:03 Further information about meeting Tools

Testing the devices you are using

41:43 How to test