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There are various options in Teams to manage notifications, to help you you receive the information you need.

Created: March 2020

Set your notification across all activity in the Teams app

 Screenshot showing the location of the notifications settings option in the Teams app

  1. Click your initials / picture
  2. Click Settings

 Screenshot showing the Teams app notifications settings screen

  1. Select Notifications.
  2. Modify the settings for different types of notifications.

Set your notifications for a Channel

 Screenshot showing the a Teams notification settings location

  1. Click the ellipses
  2. Select Channel notifications.


Screenshot of the Teams notifications options

You can set the notification for new posts and channel mentions.


Team Owners: Set @team and @channel notification permissions for a channel

Screenshot of the manage teams settings option in Teams 

  1.  Click the ellipses.
  2. Click Manage team.


 Screenshot showing the location of the @mentions option in a Team

  1. Go to Settings.
  2. Select @mentions.
  3. Choose whether you want to allow notifications when members use the @team or @channel options.

You can also set these at a channel level (click the ellipses next to the channel name and follow the same instructions).

Further information

Microsoft provide more detailed information in the following guides: