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This shows you how you can join a meeting in Teams.

Created: March 2020

From Outlook 2016

 Screenshot showing a meeting in Outlook 2016 calendar

Go to your calendar and open the meeting invite.


Screenshot showing the Join a Teams meeting screen

Click the Join Microsoft Teams Meeting link.

From Outlook in Nexus365

Screenshot showing how to join a Teams meeting from an Outlook Office 365 calendar item 

Go to your calendar:

  1. Click the meeting.
  2. Click the Join Teams meeting link.

Double-click the calendar item to see the full meeting invite.

From the Teams App

 Screenshot of the Join a meeting button in a Teams calendar

When the meeting is due to start/has started you can join by:

  1. Clicking the Calendar icon
  2. Clicking the Join button on the meeting.


Screenshot of a meeting in a Teams calendar

If you want to join the meeting before the Join button appears or use some of the pre-meeting features:

  1. Click the Calendar icon.
  2. Click the Meeting invite to open the meeting details:

 Screenshot of a Teams meeting invite in Teams

To join the meeting either:

  1. Click the Join button, or
  2. Click the Join Microsoft Teams Meeting link.

You also have the option (3) to chat with participants and to upload files to the meeting.