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External meeting participants can join a Teams meeting in a browser rather than having to have the Teams app installed. This shows you what they will see when joining a meeting.

Created: March 2020

Screenshot of invite to a Teams meeting

External meeting participants will receive an email / calendar invite to the meeting.

To join the meeting the participant clicks the Join Microsoft Teams Meeting link.


Screenshot of joining a Teams meeting

Meeting participants will get an option of how they would like to join the meeting. To join without installing the Teams App click the Join on the Web instead link to open the meeting in a browser (Chrome or Edge are recommended by Microsoft).

For the best user experience participants should download the free Teams App.


Screenshot of Teams meeting asking for permission to use camera and microphone

If joining on the web participants will be asked if to allow the use of the microphone and camera.


 Screenshot of joining a Teams meeting screen

The participant enters their name and clicks Join now.


 Screenshot showing the Teams lobby area

External meeting partipants are placed in the lobby waiting area. You will need to admit them to the meeting before they can join the meeting.