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Access the Teams App

This shows you how to access the Nexus365 Team app. The Teams app provides a range of communication and collaboration tools.

Manage Notifications

There are various options in Teams to manage notifications, to help you you receive the information you need.

Chat on the Teams App

You can message your colleagues in the Teams App.

Pin a Chat to the Top of the Chat List

You can pin the colleagues you contact most frequently to the top of your list of chats in the Teams app, so that they are easier to find. You can pin both group chats and individuals.

Name a Group Chat

If you regularly contact a group of your colleagues it might be easier to find the group chat if you give it a name.

Schedule a Video Call / Meeting in the Teams App

This shows you how to schedule a video call in Teams. You can invite both internal and external participants to a meeting.

Schedule a Call / Meeting via Outlook

You can schedule a meeting from Outlook. You can invite both internal and external people to the meeting.

Join a Teams Online Meeting (Video/Audio Call)

This shows you how you can join a meeting in Teams.

Schedule a Conference / Video Call with External Participants

You can invite external participants to a conference / video call in the Teams app. External participants don't need to have the Teams app installed as they can join on the web using either Chrome or Edge. However, for the best user experience download the free Teams app.

External Meeting Participants: Join a Teams Meeting on the Web

External meeting participants can join a Teams meeting in a browser rather than having to have the Teams app installed. This shows you what they will see when joining a meeting.

Run Effective Work Meetings with Microsoft Teams (Microsoft Video)

This training video runs through many of the online meeting scenarios provided by Teams. It is 45 minutes long however, so below is a quick summary of the main points and where to find them.

Share a File and Work Collaboratively in the Teams App

You can share a file in the Teams app with your colleagues and work collaboratively.