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If you regularly email documents to a group of your University colleagues consider using a Nexus365 Team instead.

Nexus365 Team sites allow you to communicate and collaborate with groups of your colleagues. This includes sharing documents.  You can give anyone with a Nexus365 account access to a Team site.

Ownership of the site can be transferred if you leave your current role, which makes it a much more suitable option for longer term group document sharing and collaboration than your Nexus365 OneDrive.


Sharing documents on a Team site rather than by email has a number of advantages:

  • If you email the wrong person with a link to a document they won't have permission to access your document.
  • Documents aren't stored in an individual's email account.
  • You can keep all documents relavant to a topic in one place rather than having to search through your email and network drives.
  • You can manage documents more efficiently. For example: keeping the most up to date copy on the team site to ensure everyone is referring to the latest information and deleting documents when they aren't needed.
  • If you need to work collaboratively multiple people can work on the same copy of the document on the team site rather than tracking changes on separate documents, returning by email and trying to collate all the changes.

Using a Team site

Further information

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