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Tips and tricks for using email efficiently and accurately

Permanently Delete Email in Outlook

Deleting an item from your Deleted Items folder doesn't immediately permanemently delete the email as there is a recovery period. You will also need to purge it from the recoverable items before it is permanently deleted. This shows you how to do this in Outlook 2016 and Nexus365 (Outlook365).

Show the Bcc field in Outlook 2016 and Nexus365

By default Outlook doesn’t show the Bcc field. This shows you how to add this field, in Outlook 2016 and Nexus365 (Office365), so that it shows every time you write an email.

Stay Safe on Email

Advice from InfoSec about using email securely, sending documents by email and alternative solutions to sharing documents by email.

Management of Email

Guidance on email management from the Information Compliance Office

Delay or schedule sending email messages

You can delay the delivery of an individual email message or you can use rules to delay the delivery of all messages by having them held in the Outbox for a specified time after you click Send. This guide from Microsoft gives you details on how to do this.

Mail Merge Email (Outlook 2016)

By mail merging email you can create individual emails for bulk recipients rather than sending the same email to all recipients.

Sharing Spreadsheets by Email

Make sure you don't share information you weren't intending on spreadsheets.

Sharing Documents with a Nexus365 Team

If you regularly email documents to a group of your University colleagues consider using a Nexus365 Team instead.

How to Encrypt Documents

Videos from the InfoSec Team

Working with Student Records

Guidance from the Student Registry, including guidance on sending information by email

Use Outlook My Template to Pre-populate Email Content

This shows you how to use the My Template feature in Outlook 2016 and Nexus365 (Outlook365).

Encrypting Emails: Do Not Forward and Encrypt Outlook Features

This shows you how to use the do not forward and encrypt features in Outlook 365 on the web and Outlook on your desktop (2016, 2019 and 365).