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This shows you how to share a document on OneDrive with someone outside the University.

March 2020

Share file

Screenshot showing the files area in OneDrive

Go to OneDrive and select the folder or files you would like to share.


Screenshot showing the location of the share link in OneDrive

Click the Share link.


Screenshot of the sharing option screen in OneDrive

  1. Select the People you specify can edit option (this should be the default option).
  2. Enter the recipients email address.
  3. You can either type a message and click send, or
  4. Use the copy link or Outlook links to let the recipient have the link to the document.

 The recipient will need to log in with a Microsoft account to access the document.

Stop sharing

 Screenshot showing the manage access option in OneDrive

  1. Select the document or folder you would like to stop sharing.
  2. Click the ellipses
  3. Select the Manage access option.


Screenshot showing the remove access option in OneDrive

You will see who you have shared the folder/document with and can remove access by either:

  1. Clicking the ellipses and removing access for everyone you have shared the document with, or
  2. Clicking the cross next to the relevant name.