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This includes categories such as sensitive data, financial data, examination papers and passwords

InfoSec provide guidance on classifying data and documents. The University classification policy (SharePoint) provides examples of confidential data including:

Confidential Data

  • Sensitive Personal Data
  • Mass ( >1000 records) personal data relating to employees, students, alumni  etc. 
  • Patient identifiable data
  • Financial records and transactions
  • Payment card data
  • Sensitive research activities and Intellectual Property
  • Examination papers & records
  • Passwords

Storage and handling of some sets of confidential data are governed by University guidance and regulations, or prescribed by the relevant administrative unit. Where possible we have provided links to the guidance.

Examination papers

There is specific guidance on the preparation of examinations in the section 6.6 of the document Policy and Guidance for Examiners.

Committee Papers

Definition of Sensitive Personal Data (Special Category Data)

The definition of Sensitive Personal Data can be found on the Information Compliance Team webpages.

On premise or in the cloud storage?

The difference between on premise and cloud storage and the options available to you.