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Carinne Piekema 
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Department of Paediatrics 
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Carinne Piekema 
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Departmental Newsletter 
Content and Purpose 
The Departmental Newsletter aims to inform all staff with important admin updates, career development opportunities (funding and training) and Athena Swan actions/results. Given that the different groups in our Department have little other in common than children, the newsletter also aims to create glue between them. Therefore, there are a number of sections such as 'Our Achievements' and 'A day in the life of...' where we feature successes of members of the Department and give staff an opportunity to virtually get to know each other and to understand the different roles within the Department.
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University of Oxford Mailing Lists ( 
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This is an internal newsletter only 
Fit within the overall communications strategy for the department 
One of the aims of the Department's communication strategy is to minimise the information we send out to our researchers, while making sure they get the information they actually need. The majority of our communications are delivered through the monthly newsletter and a Monday Morning Message for updates that are time critical. The Department has managed to hugely diminish email traffic, which also means that the communications we do still send out (Newsletter/MMM) have a larger chance of being read.
Maintenance plan 
As already mentioned in the previous section, our newsletter is one of the two main channels through which we communicate with our staff. The newsletter in its current form has been running for almost a year now and we have had positive responses from staff about this way of communicating important information as well as a sense of community. As a communications tool the newsletter is therefore an essential part of our strategy, which we will invest in to maintain.
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Carinne Piekema 
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